Wednesday, November 29, 2006

To Taiwan with Tzu Chi (4 of 7)

The Hospitals

Tzu Chi Taipei Hospital is the 1st in the world with an exceptionally strong foundation such that even in the event of earthquake, a major operation could go on!

Photo shows a sample of the foundation structure. It's height is about 3 times of an adult. The base of the Taipei hospital has 30 of this.

Grand piano at a Tzu Chi hospital lobby! A volunteer plays the piano at 9am daily to entertain patients.

On a separate note, Tzu Chi hospitals do not have the typical hospital medicine smell simply because they're immaculately clean. In fact, most of us wouldn't think some hospitals were actually hospitals because they look like five star hotels! They look spanking new too! :)

An informative section of the hospital which gives a glimpse of the hospital's history and successful medical endeavours.

A calming & refreshing view at a hospital garden.

Before I went to Taiwan, I thought Tzu Chi has established only one hospital (i.e. in Hualien). Actually, there are six Tzu Chi hospitals all around Taiwan! Visited four or five of those (err... i lost count).

A few of my friends who studied medicine had the chance to undergo elective training at those hospitals.

Having mentioned all the above, the best assets of Tzu Chi Hospitals (just like other good hospitals) are still its admirable teams of professional doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers who are constantly brimful with Great Love. With genuine human touch, they relieve people of the pain which medicine could not help.

My conclusion on the Tzu Chi hospitals I visited:
Quality hospital environment with the best of medical and nursing care. They live up to Tzu Chi's medical mission of respecting life, saving life and caring for life.

PS: First four photos courtesy of Bro. WFC.


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