Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lepok Waterfalls @ Hulu Langat

Was there on 16 Sept 2006 (Sat) with 6 others - i.e. Xue, Ed and their friends [now my friends too! :)]. Organised by Ed (a kaki hiker who is also an expert hiker) in thanksgiving and celebration of God healing his knee well. Had loads of FuN - thanks Ed!! :)

It was quite a long hike up. Took an hour plus climbing uphill, but it was worth it! :) As Ed promised, it was indeed the most pristine waterfall most of us have ever seen. The waterfall is about four storey high - with water gushing over broad and smooth boulders which are suitable for sliding. (If you plan to slide, slide with care and caution. MUST wear watersports helmet for this, ok?! Safety first. It was frightening to see some friends sliding down without helmet.) :)

We had three hours of fun at the waterfall itself. Our so-called "warm-up" at the falls was a freezing cold dip (& splash-one-another-crazy) in a 4ft deep natural wading pool. After that, we scrambled up the right side of the falls to reach the midpoint of the falls. At the midpoint, we walked under the falls from the right to the left side of the falls. Water gushed slightly above our heads and curtained us while we were toddling under the falls!! Cool! :)

As it was not possible to descend from the left side of the falls, we had to walk under the falls again to go back to the the right side of the falls. So fun! From there, since it was too steep to scale down the boulders, a few of us slid down the waterfall using Ed's waterpark-standard huge black rubbertube while the others abseiled down the boulders using a rope. By the way, there were ppl abseiling down the waterfall!! So fun!

Thanks to Ed, all of us had the courage and energy to experience such cool adventure! :)

Unfortunately, none of us brought a camera. :-( Anyway, that allowed us to fully enjoy nature's beauty as it is, without thinking about where and when to capture the best shots.

Check these out:
Photos 1 and Photos 2 : Photos of Lepok Falls from Waterfalls of Malaysia website.



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