Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wondrous weekends

Last weekend:
A former drug addict was invited to share his experiences and aspirations with secondary school children at TzuChi. An informative video on substance abuse was showed. After that, we visited a drug rehabilitation centre at Kapar with the secondary school children.

Recent weekend:
(1) Progress test on Adv Tax @ SYUC. Then, went shopping at Subang Parade (since it's so near SYUC and Megasale is on! Bought two formal top.) Hehe... :-)

(2) YS baby's full moon celebration. Tuan YS has been promoted to a daddy! Very happy for him & his wife. :-) Found out that my ex-classmate is YS' cousin! During YS' wedding, I found out that my other ex-classmate is the cousin of YS' wife. That means two of my ex-classmates are actually related - without them realising! :-) Well, I guess all of us are somehow interconnected. Also met two friends from YC2 1995 and a bunch of KCBA laulang. Hehe :-)


(1) Visited Kasih Sayang Home (home for special kids) @ Southern Park with 7 others. As usual, the moment the kids saw us, they greeted each of us with a loud cheerful "che che/ko ko", gentle hand shakes & big smiles... and some with hugs! Even before we had the chance to do anything for them, they have made our day instead! You just have to meet them to feel how truly lovely they are! The "Mama" of Kasih Sayang nurtures them with so much love and patience. Every night, she goes to each of their bedside, one by one, hold their hand in her hands and pray for them. She just know what it takes to make the kids feel safe and comfortable. Admirable. It was touching to see a kid simply went up to her and gave her a big hug. Even the kakak of Kasih Sayang gives the kids unconditional love. Whenever she could sense that a kid isn't feeling good, she would spontaneously give the kid a big warm hug & say "Sayang, Sayang you" & very gently swing them left-right-left.

(2) Wonderful Sign Language Musical Drama on "The Profound Parental Love" @ KLCC by Tzu Chi Singapore. Touching moments. Deep meaning of unconditional parental love was conveyed through true stories, meaningful lyrics, beautiful music, expressive gentle body movements and graceful sign language. Creative, impressive and most of all, it was impactful. Although I hardly ever shed any tears watching sob stories, I was moved to tears on many occasions throughout the Musical Drama. True story videos on boundless parental love were also showed - Phua Siblings of Singapore, Leong of Penang & Azmah of Klang. It's a universal truth that all parents love their children unconditionally in many different ways known & unknown to us. Mom & Dad... I can never thank both of you enough for everything. I love both of you lotss!! *Hugs*

Upcoming weekend:
Dialogue on Integrity from the Christian and Islamic Perspectives with Professor Syed Hussein Alatas (former V-C of University Malaya), moderated by Dr Ng Kam Weng & Dr Syed Farid Alatas. Jointly organised by Graduates' Christian Fellowship (GCF) and Oriental Hearts & Mind Study Institute (OHMSI). Looking forward to it.


Blogger Songie said...

Sadhu! Thank you for the reminder. :) Of charity and giving.Been a while since I have done much charity...growing self centred on my part.So, ur post came in a good time.:) I'll blog soon.Have a wonderful day!

18/8/06 11:29 AM  
Blogger cmeel said...

Hi hi Songie. You're not growing self-centred at all... u r just prioritising the things u do... whereby u'll somehow hav time for everything... and have been living a balanced life. :) Have a wonderful day too! :)

21/8/06 10:07 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

The "upcoming weekend" came and went. Didn't go for the Dialogue on Integrity cuz couldn't get clear directions to the place. My mistake - i should have asked for directions earlier. Lesson learned.

Anyway, woke up early on Sun morning to exercise (at last! after SO long. haha...), went to Nalanda Charity Fair in the afternoon and witnessed some amazingly perfect movements by the junior wushu exponents at the First World Junior Wushu Championship @ KLBS in the evening. Wushu is WoWW - the best of gymnastics & martial arts; all in one.

24/8/06 12:36 AM  

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