Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To Taiwan with Tzu Chi (2 of 7)

Here are among the few photos captured using my camera - six of which were taken during a train journey. Didn't manage to take many photos. So, I'm relying on other brothers and sisters for more & better photos. :)

Brothers & sisters ^_^

Sign language mentor =)

Sign language practice in train (on our way to Hualien) ^-^

Something funny :)

Panaromic view from train (somewhere between Kaoshiung and Hualien)

Fresh home-cooked lunch on train. A team of volunteers prepared it from a distance. We merely collected the food from them at one of the train stops during our 4-hour journey. Most of us expected something simple like fried rice; but we obviously had more than expected! :)

One of the six Tzu Chi General Hospitals :)

Garden park view from the Lotus Ward at Level 6 of a Tzu Chi Hospital. :) Yeah, it's not on ground floor! Lotus Ward is for the terminally ill.

A big and cute English _ Sherperd named Da Bao. Formerly a stray dog. Now a vegetarian dog living comfortably at Hualien Tzu Chi Centre. :)


Blogger Songie said...

wonderful trip for you. ;)

22/11/06 1:29 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

yup. :)
a meaningful one too.

22/11/06 2:00 PM  

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