Thursday, November 09, 2006

To Taiwan with Tzu Chi (1 of 7)

2-8 Nov 2006. A memorable and meaningful week in Taiwan. Journeyed to TzuChi-related places literally around Taiwan - from Taoyuan to Fongyuan to Taichung to Zhanghua to Dalin to Ganshan to Kaohshiung to Hualien to Taipei to Banqiao.

It's a tremendous blessing for having crossed path with GREAT Taiwanese 'boddhisatvas' (divine beings). Gan en (grateful)! Every sze ku, sze po, sze xiong and sze che (i.e. senior teachers, brothers and sisters) were ever genuinely loving and warm hearted, always smiling naturally. They're full of wisdom and compassion. The hospitality they provided was beyond five stars!

The jing si (still thoughts) halls are all simple yet majestic and serene... and ever so clean and neat!

The Tzu Chi hospitals doctors, staff & volunteers are wholeheartedly devoted. Commendable! Quality hospital environment with the best of medical & nursing care.

The environmental protection centres (commonly known as recycling centres) are unique in unimaginable ways!

The activities were all inspiring and definitely impactful. I'm deeply touched by many ppl and things in Taiwan.

The one week in Taiwan was like one week in a blissful heavenly paradise. Gan en!

I shall elaborate on the above in separate blog entries as and when I'm free. :)


Blogger Songie said...

photographs please! :)

12/11/06 7:07 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

coming up soon :)

12/11/06 11:54 PM  

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