Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Brake for a break

The nature of my work demands long working hours around March to April, late June and late December.

Sometimes, I stop and wonder if it's worth being overloaded hence gotta overwork - you know, at the expense of family time, sleeping hours and leisure pleasure!! Immeasureable opportunity costs forgone! However, somehow I always get reassured that it's worthwhile - because clients assisted, self enriched, Company profits, self satisfied and the fact that there are actually many 'off-peak' months for every other thing. Fortunately, I get full support and understanding from my loved ones. :-)

On the brightest side, the overtime hours are convertible into leave hours! :-) This is the most rewarding factor to me. Hehe. :-D

Am looking forward to a long leave from 22 May to 6 June. Yippie!! ^_^ Shall be back to work refreshed for the June busy period. :-)

By the way, Happy Wesak/Happy Mother's Day/Happy Teacher's Day/Happy Birthday (where applicable) :-D


Blogger Songie said...

happy dayss..

4/6/06 5:47 AM  
Blogger cmeel said...

yes!! =) esp@bettina ;)

15/6/06 9:51 PM  

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