Monday, June 19, 2006

Visit to Oz: 22/5/06 to 5/6/06

The trip to Oz was more than a holiday - for some undisclosed reasons.

Just had the time to review the photos and some of the videos taken at Oz. Miss the people, miss the places.

Remarkable people
Absolutely nice & lovely couples like Mr&Mrs KR, K&SF, David & Diane, Peter & Wendy. Witty & warm-hearted genius, NL. Quick-witted & inspiring Dhammafarers like JN & BY. Amazing music whiz, BH. Met all these great ppl for the first time. A privilege and honour indeed - especially since I've heard so much good things about them earlier. =) It goes without saying that getting to meet Song was the best of all! I had a completely enriching & fun time throughout my 5-days stay with Song. There's so much more for me to learn from you. How nice if we can just meet up anytime. :) I wish all of you well & happy always. Sukihotu! :)

Wonderful journey/places
Spectacular 400km journey along Great Ocean Rd. Scenic seascape all along.

Marvellous trip up to Mt Buller.

Four hours of breathtaking scenes along windy Great Alpine Rd - which links Wangaratta (north-east) to Bairnsdale (heart of Gippsland). Alpine Rd weaves through mountains, magnificent forests, farmland, cottages, valleys, rivers & vineyard. Alpine Rd is Oz's highest road. I was totally dazzled when the car went thru the clouds, went higher & above the clouds!! Coming out from the car to see fluffy clouds below is Heavenly. :D Before this, I didn't know cars could bring us up above the clouds like aeroplanes do. :) Fascinating.

All these great journey were made possible because Xue is an adventurous driver, confident, takes calculated risk and instinctively knows his directions. Jalan-jalan around the city on the other hand were very well guided by Song. My parents enjoyed your company a lot, Song! :)

Other places: Bodhivana Monastery, BSV, Royal Botanic Garden, Vic Market, Melb Zoo, Melb Uni, Monash Clayton, Monash Caulfield, Monash Med Centre, Metung scenic lookout, runaround an extensive padang, Traveller's Lodge, UniLodge, St Patrick's Cathedral, Crown Casino, Yarra River Cruise, Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, King Cross, Clayton Town, etc.

Fantabulously yummilicious food
NL's mutton, dal, lentils, pumpkin, Song's creamy corn soup, curry chicken, stir-fried vege, scrambled eggs with cheese+milk+corn, boiled eggs and omelettes. Steamboat (perfect for the start of winter!), lemon juice, mamak@RichMaha, vietnamese food, oriental cuisine, variety of cheap large pizzas, cheap yet luxurious buffet@Crown, spanish doughnut, nougats, etc. Btw, food is abundant at Song's place!! Everything is well-stocked! :)

Little stuff that means lots: Tag-along to shop for groceries, going online, typing smses, lazing and relaxing, munching Doritos, talking & laughing & much more.


Blogger Songie said...

lol!like wat my mom says,'song ah?she so like to eat,of coz got lots of food-lah!' :)
u're welcome here ANYTIME gal. :) special privilege for u onli....

25/6/06 6:05 PM  
Blogger weeleng said...

woah... someone becoming a globe happening that she forgot her BIG sister!

happy for u lar...dun wan u to be 'katak bawah tempurung' .. haha :P

way to go, jet setter. next destination: BKK?

27/6/06 11:17 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

Songie... =) If the distance btwn here & Oz were the same as here & Penang, I'll happily bug u often. Oh, how nicE! ^_^

Wee Leng... :) U r a globe trotter; not me. Forgotten u? Normal-lah :p J/k. *Hugs*

4/7/06 12:51 AM  

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