Wednesday, December 20, 2006

To Taiwan with Tzu Chi (6 of 7)

This post covers two areas: Recycling Centres and Still Thought Halls.

(1) Recycling Centres
Recycling centres are what they are normally known; but Tzu Chi calls them environmental protection centres. These centres are carefully built by volunteers themselves.

Creative, economical and environmental friendly.

This centre was built on cleared bamboo groove. Bamboos from the groove were not trashed; they were fully used to build the ceiling and the wall of the centre!

They even used recycled materials to build the centre - i.e. materials salvaged from dismantled temporary shelters which were built for 9/21 earthquake victims.

Bicycle rims recycled to form stairs railing at one of the environmental protection centres!

Grounds are laid with unattached interlocking blocks whereby rainwater can sip through the gaps of the blocks and then chanelled from the ground to the toilets flush!

A bike decorated with brand-new-looking recycled toys. As this bike goes rounding in the village, every kid who contributes an item for recycling will get a toy in exchange. They can choose their toys.

These aren't ordinary stacks of newspapers. These newspapers have been neatly folded in two-plies into two halves. This increases the value of the newspapers by three times when they are sold to fruits/vegetables sellers.

This chart shows how PET spun bottles (most mineral water bottles are PET spun, i think) are processed to produce spun yard fibres for blankets and soft toy stuffing. They can be further processed into synthetic fabric.

(2) Still Thought Halls (Jing Si Tang)
Still Thought Halls are activities centres of Tzu Chi.

The Halls are simple yet majestic and serene. Impressive architecture! The halls are ever so clean and neat! Thanks to the team of dedicated volunteers there.

The design of Still Thought Halls highlights nature's beauty. The delightful view of ground-and-sky can be savoured from various angles.

(Not in pic: The surrounding landscaping brings out relax and calm feelings)

Note how glass panels (roof and windows) are affixed wherever appropriate to optimise the use of natural sunlight - to save electricity.

By the way, this particular hall has the shape of Tzu Chi's logo from a bird's eye view.

A spacious auditorium with twinkling stars on the ceiling.

Prayer hall

Activity hall

Comfy dorm

PS: Five photos of Still Thought Halls courtesy of Bro WFC. :)


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