Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To Taiwan with Tzu Chi (7 of 7)

Overwhelming hospitality

Too many commisioners ushered us upon arrival at the Taipei airport - as though we were the world's most distinguished VVIPs!

FYI, we are novice volunteers. On the other hand, the commisioners who greeted us are experienced volunteers who have vowed to dedicate their life to voluntary missions! They sang welcoming songs, clapped rhythmically and smiled naturally all the way. Warm & touching experience.

The commisioners even transported our luggages from the airport to the bus, then from the bus to right outside our respective dorms - all to our surprise. There were over 100 luggages to be sorted to more than 10 dorms. Everything was done swiftly and orderly 'behind the scene' (i.e. with hardly anyone's notice).

Upon our arrival at every Still Thought Halls (i.e. Tzu Chi centres), we were also given the warmest possible welcome by the commisioners - Different groups of commisioners at every centre, but they were equally genuinely loving and warm hearted. Hard to believe, but it's true. Their sincerity was felt beyond doubt! :)

When departing from every centre, they sang goodbye songs & waved goodbye with both hands non-stop until we stepped into the bus. From the bus, we waved with gratefulness in return - that's the least we could do. They continued waving with both hands until our bus was beyond sight.

Even when it rained, the commisioners held an umbrella each and stood in a line such that the umbrellas formed a shelter for us from the bus right up to the doorstep of the Still Thought Hall! :) Creative, eh?! I was utterly impressed!

The commisioners not only cared for the community. They truly cared for fellow volunteers too. Every small detail was cared for - in food preparation and food decoration to daily programme to comfort everywhere. The Taiwanese Tzu Chi members are simple people who project the typical vibrant spirit of Tzu Chi volunteers in everything they do. Everything that they do is perfect; nothing could be better. They are examplary. What are their secrets? Perhaps it's their passion. They just do all that they could do in the best possible manner with downright sincere big loving heart!

Back in Taiwan we were indeed at home with so many unconditionally loving family members. Lovely! They form a big part of a blissful paradise on earth.

Special volunteers

She can't walk unaided as she has lost a foot. However, that never prevented her from being committed in Tzu Chi recycling activities.

For this volunteer, if it takes 10 minutes for a normal person to walk to a place but it may take 10 hours for her, she will still walk because she will reach the destination too. :)

She is blind due to glaucoma. Despite her blindness, with strong determination she has learnt to differentiate various types of bottles by feeling the bottle shape & bottle cover & bottle print. Hence, she is able to assist in segregating bottles based on their respective quality for recycling.

PS: Photos courtesy of Bro WFC


Blogger Songie said...

hello-- beautiful photographs,I must say. Not only what it portrays- but also the skill the photographer has. :) U have captured the moment so well. It blends well with what you have to say too. Sadhu to YOU too,ML. :)

3/2/07 8:53 AM  
Blogger cmeel said...

Yup, he's a professional photographer. :)

25/3/07 9:56 AM  

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