Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Songie Pongie Mongie (As how her sis puts it. Cute, ya?! :))

Loong Soong Hern...
done the most in nurturing my inner strength.

1. A DAUGHTER all parents want:-
Filial, thoughtful&grateful, loves her PaMa lotss, always have good wishes for them, multi-talented - makes her parents proud! :)

2. A MUSIC TEACHER any student wants:-
Passionate about job, cares a lot for her students progress+overall well being, dedicated & loves them all.

3. A FRIEND/SISTER anyone wld treasure for life:-
Good listener, counsellor, supportive, warm-hearted, positive, helpful, always spreading joy&laughter, always seek to bring out the best in others. Knows when to be strong and when to let others be strong.

4. An examplary COMMUNITY member:-
Has a big loving heart, sincerely care for others, seize opportunities to serve for the welfare of others. Done a lot! :)

5. An EMPLOYEE who's hard to find:-
Hardworking, committed to give her best, upholds honesty & always ethical.

Music, handling kids, cooking, accounts, counselling, etc.: Semua boleh, yet she's very humble.

Only a guy with VERY good karma can have! ;)

Thanks for touching my life with your beautiful friendship, Songie.
May you & your family be well & happy always! ^_^


Blogger Songie said...

u make me really really blush.Thank you for being such a wonderful sister,supporter,simply put it,my wonderful guardian angel,always guarding me and steering me back when things go wrong.How can I live a life without such a person like you?I thank my good fortune to have met you and one who say such EXTREMELY crazy things and puts it up in her blog?! :) :) :)

22/10/05 4:45 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

you've been my Guardian Angel too.

24/10/05 3:11 PM  
Blogger Baby Angel said...

awwwww....so touching....

9/12/05 9:45 AM  

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