Sunday, September 11, 2005

Treasure Hunt

9/9/05: EY Tax Dept Treasure Hunt Day! :)

Hunting journey: Office-Damansara Heights-Sri Hartamas-Mont Kiara-TTDI-Damansara Jaya-Tmn Megah-Endah Parade-Mines Resort City.

25 teams (i.e. 25 cars). 4 members in each team.

Our tasks:-

(1) 25 Questions (Clues). E.g. of clues:-
  • Q: Woman calls her husband this. A: Restoran Habie
  • Q: If you see it on the road or on the wall, pls don't park here. A: Yellow Box Solutions S/B.
  • Q: In style I rate shy, but it's madness. A: Fashion Hysteria S/B.
  • Q: Cantonese calling for more rice. A: Salun Kafun.
  • Q: Woman supporter of public transport: Brabus (Car service centre).
(2) 3 Treasures (Breaking clues and buying the items). E.g.:-
  • Q: It refreshes our breath. "Tradition" in initial Corporate Tax Services. Buy one of any type.
    A: "tradition" = lore; "Initial" indicates first letters of Corporate Tax Services. I.e. CloreTS.
  • Q: This is what it's called when we pay for our own, the chivalry says this sex won't need to pay. Then c---- h---- o---- c---- o---- l---- a---- t---- e---- (can't remember the sentence... anyway the initials of words for the sentence spell "chocolate"). Get one of any size.
    A: pay for our own = go on dutch; the sex which doesn't need to pay = lady; Initials of following sentence = chocolate. I.e. Dutch Lady Chocolate milk.
(3) 5 Road safety questions.

(4) 2 Challenges at The Cage (Endah Parade).

(5) Final challenge (after dinner by the lake at Mines Biz Centre): Talentine - Performance of song (own lyrics) using the YMCA tune. Judged based on grp's performance, lyrics and crowd's response.

My group's name was 'Shades of Pink' since each of the four of us wore different shades of pink t-shirt. We got 2nd placing for the song performance! :) Here's the song which earned each of us RM40 worth of MPH vouchers:-

(To sing using YMCA tune)
Treasure, we are coming right now
We are running, thinking, searching around
Feeling tired, slimmer, all freshed-up now
So please give us our prizes now now now now now!!~

Shades of pink pink... we are we are we are oh
Shades of pink pink...
This is Ng Chai Yee, this is Wong Wai Ling,
This is Kellyn and Mee Leng eng eng eng eng.

Yeah! Shades of pink.

Great time!! BIG Thanks to EY organisers (SSW, MIL & TMS) and =)


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