Thursday, September 08, 2005


Lauren CYP : The most remarkable person in my college life!

Just re-calling the dedication of alliterations especially for her 20th Birthday, years ago. :D Here goes:-

1. Extremely Ebullient
2. Superbly Special
3. Wonderfully Warm
4. Unquestionably Unique
5. Gloriously Gifted
6. Truly Terrific
7. Notoriously Nice
8. Astoundingly Amazing
9. Dramatically Different
10. Flat-out Fantastic
11. Brilliantly Bright
12. Tremendously Talkative
13. Clearly Clever
14. Remarkably Restless
15. Absolutely Admirable
16. Incredibly Inquisitive
17. Perpetually Popular
18. Ludicrously Loud
19. Freakishly Fast
20. Extraordinarily Eloquent
21. Constantly Curious
22. Overly Observant
23. Bearably Bad
24. Happily Humble
25. Pricelessly Precious

(PS: Items 2-10 are from the original greeting card)

Altho some words above seem superlatively exaggerating, every word above is how I'd describe Lauren as precisely as possible. She's the most outstanding girl in college - in all ways!! Lauren enjoyed sticking around me and i'm proud to be associated with her! (I tumpang glamour lah.... hehee. Ah, perasan ML.) I've learnt a great deal from her.

Thanks for everything, Lauren.

May u b well n happy always. ^_^


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