Monday, October 17, 2005


Provides instant boost of Dhamma-inspired energy,
Where my motivation gains momentum,
To strive on with every stride,
To keep growing thru life,
Rather than going thru life.

A popular avenue to Kalyana Mitras,
Where positive vibrants are spread,
Where unconditional care & love prevail.

Learning Dhamma in the style of Incovar,
Is simply a wholesome fun, a memorable one.

Thanks to its organising committee/teams,
Who have been outstandingly original,
Incredibly innovative and wonderfully warm!

Sparks inspiration
Gives us the G.L.O.W.: Golden Lessons Of Wisdom,
That brightens our paths,
And illuminates our insights.

INCOVAR has made a difference in me,
Being part of the Incovar family,
I'm blessed indeed.
Incovar inspires indefinitely!

^_^ ~ml 06/2003~

Fortunate enough to participate in the following Incovar camps:-
  1. 11th camp: Apr 1999
  2. 12th camp: Oct 1999
  3. 13th camp: Apr 2000
  4. 16th camp: Oct 2001
  5. 19th camp: Apr 2003
  6. 20th camp: Oct 2003
PS: INCOVAR = INter COllege VARsity


Blogger cmeel said...

Just reminiscing about the good times I had in Incovar. :)

I can still remember this lively & catchy song written by one of my group members, PCKar, during my 1st Incovar in Apr 1999:-

"Hello my dear friends,
Welcome to this camp,
I'm happy to be friends with all of you;
Hello my dear friends,
Welcome to this camp,
Wish our friendship will never ever ends.
Incovar Dhamma Camp,
Incovar Dhamma Camp,
May you be blessed by the Triple Gem,
Incovar Dhamma Camp,
Incovar Dhamma Camp,
May you enjoy this camp. Hey!"


11/7/06 12:12 AM  

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