Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Orang Cina

As part of a multiracial society, we get exposure to an array of colourful culture & beliefs, customs & lifestyle, language & knowledge, art & delicacies, etc.

Isn't it wondrous to be a Malaysian? Of course!! :D

Irregardless of everything, we should take the effort to discover more about our own ethnic group. This allows us to appreciate the beauty that lies within it and benefit from the wisdom that it offers.

Well, I pandai talk only. Hahaa.... :D

I've been staying in Klang all these years but never learnt to speak Hokkien. People will either condemn me or salute me for this.

Condemn me because I never picked up Hokkien even after so many years living in Klang!
Salute me because i survive in Klang all these years despite not knowing Hokkien! :D

Anyway, here are my aspirations:-
  • To learn to communicate in simple Mandarin & Hokkien;
  • To learn and understand more about the Chinese culture (& festivals);
  • To discover more about the art of tea drinking;
  • To travel around the countless breathtaking natural areas of China;
  • To learn to read & write in Chinese (this would be REALLY wonderful... but, too ambitious lorr. Anyway, this is essential if one wants to access the original sources of Chinese wisdom); and
  • Anything else you think i should add here?
PS: My source of inspiration - An examplary Chinese from 'Heilongqiang'. ^_^


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