Thursday, August 25, 2005

Biz simulation game

I went for an ACCA leadership/entrepreneurship camp at Frasers Hill from 5-7 Aug 05.
The computer-aided business simulation game was great... Imagine this: there are 8 grps; each has RM40m capital. Each grp is a competing handphone manufacturer... competing against one another in one world (i.e. same market) to maximise profit. We (each grp) are
given basic info for 7 sales centres (i.e. 7 countries) which we can venture into --- info given includes market demand&supply, ceiling price, once off cost for factory set-up, minimum fixed annual expenses, import charges, marketing and R&D expenses, option to buy mkt info, etc.

We compete for 5 rounds (i.e. 5 financial yrs).

For each round, each grp needs to decide where to set up factory (can only set up 1 every round), the level of production (max is 650,000), where to sell (in which countries and respective amount to sell), selling price for each country (must be below the country's ceiling price), how much to spend on quality mgmt/R&D/marketing (assuming that the more spent, the higher sales level wld be). At the end of every round, the grp leader wld key-in the grp's input into a pc. Each leader does the same at the same time. Then, the computer wld generate the financial statement and balance sheet of each grp and rank grps based on profit reaped.

It's like the real world... coz we wldn't know whether our competitors will venture into the same places and we wldn't know if any sales centres are untapped. :) However, we can opt to buy mkt info (i.e. info about other grps' decisions and performance in the past rounds) to help us make decision in future round(s). These put our analytical skills to test.

Hmm... dunno if u can picture the game from my messy discription above. Anyway, all in all, it's challenging, interesting and exciting! =)

Fellow Centricans - HX, JR, LC, JY, KK, JF, MH, SN & ZY - I had a superb time with y'all! ^_^


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