Thursday, February 05, 2009

Adventure in Laos (1 of 7)

Sabaidii ("Hello" in Lao). Photos of Lao kids' pastime:

Muddy buddy time

Mudslide - Natural slide!

Playing tali getah

Playing with doggies

Baby riding piggyback on his sister

Weaving attap roof

Playing masak-masak! Deja vu :p


Climbing trees. Look closer... there are actually two kids on the tree.

Lovely kids!

The kids' life are so carefree! Nature is their playground. Strong and happy they are.

Fellow city folks, let's let kids be kids - Give them all the quality playtime they deserve so that they too will have their own memorable childhood to cherish just like most of the 80's city kids. :p


Anonymous WL said...

haha...playing masak masak deja vu :P
with play-doh?

14/4/09 6:54 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

nope. with leaves, twigs, etc. everything organic :D

3/5/09 1:16 AM  
Anonymous G Way said...

You are a giver.The world needs more people like you.

26/3/10 3:05 PM  

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