Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring cleaning & ang pows

Spring Festival = Chinese New Year (CNY).

This is definitely a loooonnnggg delayed post as today is already the 43rd day of CNY. Yes, I did my maths and counted : 43. Haha, ok, yes, there's no such thing because Spring Festival only lasts for 15 days.

Before CNY
Every year, the period before CNY is the best time for my house. It gets its annual makeover -- a necessary drastic one. Every year, my family and I somehow manage to turn the house downside up (opposite of upside down ;)) with our magical spring cleaning skills. Thank goodness for CNY -- at least all mess are carefully cleared once a year.

My sister was in Dubai before CNY & during CNY this year. I missed her (because I had to do more cleaning in her absence. Haha.) The period before CNY is the time when I sometimes wished I had more siblings -- Wee Leng and Mee Leng, plus Fee Leng, Pee Leng, Kee Leng, See Leng, etc. :D

Well, it's not that bad lah actually. Spring cleaning is definitely a good form of exercise, right?!

After CNY
Ang pows (red packets). I like my mom's idea of ang pow sharing. Every year, my siblings and I would pool all our ang pow earnings and then divide it into three equal portions. We genuinely disregard how much our respective initial earnings are. Ang pow earnings are extras anyway.

If you have kids, try instilling this practice among them. It teaches them to be unselfish. It allows them to appreciate the beauty of sharing. :)

"May the year of rat brings you happiness and health, peace and prosperity, and lotsa love and laughter." (Received this via sms from CL during CNY. I like the alliterations - h & h, p & p, l & l.) ^_^


Blogger soulColour said...

hi cmeel,
couldn't agree with you more about wanting more siblings during certain times of the year...hehe...feeling the pinch myself more than brother in anohter state, another in another country!

hope ur doing well ..take care :)

7/4/08 3:44 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

hope u're doing well too, buddy. :) hugs.

8/4/08 2:09 AM  
Anonymous WL said...

hahaha..feeling, peeling, killing, ceiling!

14/4/09 7:01 PM  

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