Friday, July 11, 2008

Wees are lovable!

Just after my TMC meeting which ended at 10.30pm today, I received an sms from my sister:

Che : Dearest mei, we left some fruits for you in the fridge. Happy eating. Good night! :)
Me : Ok. Thank u weery much. :-)

Then, brother also sent smses:

Boi : Mei, remember to eat the fruits when u r back, specially prepared.
Me : Ok. Thank u weery much. :-)
Boi : Most welcomee!

Wee Leng & Kim Wee = The Wees. Wees are lovable! Not because they do me favours... but so much more! Their thoughtfulness. Their genuine care and concern. Their unconditional love.

Mee Leng (me! =D) is so blessed to have such great siblings! By the way, Boi even offered to wash the plate after I finished the fruits. Well, if Che was awake, she would offer to do the same too! Anyway, I insisted on washing the plate myself 'coz they have been too nice already - always!

By the way, Mom is thaaaat tooooo nice too... especially to us - the wees and mee. However, the wees and mee have been mindful (but still can be even more mindful) in doing what we could do and what we should do because we should not, could not and would not want to take her niceness for granted.


Blogger Baby Angel said...

such a cute happy post that left me smiling... :) thank you for the positiveness!

3/8/08 6:59 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

i'm so glad to know that. :)
keep smiling as u always do, San. :)

6/8/08 1:47 PM  
Anonymous WL said...

hello my mee sister, i just read this post. wow... that was sooo long ago. aww.. you are just too sweet to us wees :D


14/4/09 6:59 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

Mee merely reciprocating the goodness received. :)

17/7/09 1:11 AM  

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