Thursday, February 23, 2006

The bit we can do

Last Sun (19/02/06), we went ‘house-to-house’ at a low-cost-flat area in Port Klang – to invite the residents to seek free medical/dental services at Stella Maris Community Centre (@ Port Klang St Anne’s Church) on a coming Sun, 05/03/06. It’s collaboratively organised by Port Klang Rotary Club, Kelana Jaya Rotary Club, Educare Port Klang, Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital, Stella Maris Community and Tzu Chi. Non-religious.

One of our "tasks" was to get needy residents to pre-register for the free medical/dental services to minimise their waiting time on 05/03/06. Besides, it is also done to ensure a good turnout on 05/03/06, hence optimising the use of free medical services/resources offered by volunteer doctors & helpers on that day.

Rotarians, Tzu Chi members and even volunteer doctors jointly went house-to-house! In teams of three, we knocked on doors, called for responses and greeted them with loving-kindness. :D Then we told them all about the free medical/dental/eye treatment at Stella Maris Community Centre and the free shuttle bus service to & fro the Centre on 05/03/06. We particularly urged families which never had any opportunity to seek medical/dental/eye treatment to take advantage of the free medical services and pre-register for it.

The pre-registration drive was successful! :-) We aimed to cover only three blocks of the low-cost-flat (due to time constraint) but managed to cover all six blocks instead (as there was extra manpower! =))

This is something small that we can do for our community. Interested to join a similar future event? Or interested to be a volunteer medical/dental assistant? Experience is not required. Requirement: Commitment and training participation only.

(PS: Posting this entry to remind myself that there's always something which we can do for the needy & deserving... if we just start doing something.)


Blogger Songie said...

Eggzellente!!!Deep respect to all who contributed.Especially you too,ML.U've done so much!**lays the red carpet**

3/3/06 8:01 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

You too!! I'm inspired by u! ;)

4/3/06 1:05 PM  

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