Saturday, March 25, 2006

Empowering colleagues

I am lucky! I've met many nice people at workplace... although many significant ones such as the following have left just within year 2005 and early this year:-

AGL - She's an AnGeL. :) She was my mentor who's rich with technical knowledge & wisdom, always care to guide others, extremely patient, warm-hearted, very kind and loving. Her aura resembles a Saint's. It's a privilege that my workstation was beside hers. Everybody loves her!

LWL - Vanilla Coke and Chezzels can make her day. :) A humble counsellor. She's strikingly sincere and downright honest. Once, another colleague who was reversing LWL's car accidentally hit & slightly dented another car. Question: Who would leave her contact number on that dented car so that the victim could contact her for compensation? LWL did! I was impressed and inspired by her! :) Oh yah, she's also a technology pro. I admire her expertise in using and creating all sorts of canggih tech tools. I wish I had learned more from her before she left.

LLA - The beautiful SM who sat near me. She's an esteemed leader. Wise and knowledgeable. Flexible yet principled. From the way she argued her thoughts with clients/other colleagues, I have no doubt that she is really ethical and tactful, firm yet gentle. A remarkable professional. A role model for corporate figures. *Salutes*

GCY - The most interesting woman in the department simply because she is. :) My makan buddy. She loves food (so do I :p). She is one person who doesn't lie in giving feedback or comments. Go to her for frank opinion - anytime. She has a natural tendency to build good rapport with clients. By the way, I envy her complexion - baby's perfection! :D

YL - She's an AM who sat facing me. I learned professional phone ethics from her. Her command of English is impeccable. Yes, I even learned English from her (thru unavoidable eavesdrops)! :) Btw, she speaks Japanese with Japo clients. :) Her technical competency is commendable. She taught juniors how to learn properly - i.e. research & read the Act before asking. :D

MIL - Cool, steady and forever calm. I've never seen her angry. At peace always. Senyap-senyap ubi berisi. Always punctual. Co's fixture which appreciates instead of depreciates. :p Brilliant but keeps a low profile... However, everybody knows she's gooooood and reliable! :-)

ELE - A lenglui who's also most chirpy in the department. A girl of beauty and brains. She goes around spreading joy and laughters. Always smiling, laughing or giggling. Cheery cheery. Warmhearted and friendly. An awkward silence sets in whenever she was not in office.

KFA - A dedicated gentleman who's most familiar with clients' matters which are most unfamiliar to the rest of us. Juniors haven't learnt enough from him. SM & PIC relied on him to handle extraordinary cases. We miss him. A considerate and tolerant man. Nobody (yet) is capable enough to handle his unique portfolio and do the exact good job he did.

I'm grateful that we crossed path. All of you remind me of my camp kalyana mitras.
My best wishes in your current & future pursuits. May all of you be well & happy always. :)

The best part about my work is the people! With such supportive and empowering colleagues around, work is good no matter how demanding or stressful it can be. :-)

PS: The list above is not in any particular order; simply random. :) Btw, none of the above know I've a blog. Hehe... :D


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