Monday, December 05, 2005

Hanxue's World of Irony

Part of everything, yet distinct from everything else
Logic, but doesn't make sense
Correct, but untrue
Crappy, but convincing
Quietly noisy, and noisily quiet
Obvious, but inexplicable
Does crazy things, but is not crazy
Does things at extreme ends, but leads a balanced life.

If you don't understand this, Hanxue understands why. It's
All about Hanxueism
All about a Hanxuestic Hanxueist
All about just being Hanxue.

The extraordinary. The principled. The comical. The everything wolfie. ^_^

~ml 3/12/05~

The following excerpt from the movie "Mr. Deeds" describes Hanxue well:-

"... has faith that no one can shake;
strength that no one can break; and
character that no one can fake."



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