Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Home lizards

Harmless icky creatures. Cute too, if you appreciate their beauty! :D

One home lizard just dashed over my feet while i was staring at the pc in my room.

Just wondering...

I've only seen them on walls, ceilings and the outer-side of the window nettings. They used to hide behind picture frames hung on walls, behind shelves and in the gaps between the ceiling and the ceiling lights.

I no longer see them on any of those places. Instead, they wriggle their way around the floor and on tables! Why huh? Are they no longer vertically-oriented? Mutated? Evolution or reverse development? By the way, are they behaving the same in your home?


Blogger Songie said...

i think it happens only in ur hse-n i think u're one of the few gals who says lizards are cute.and i think it must be bcoz u were associated with lizards too....tat's!!n i think u're the most evolved lizard of em'all!hhahahah!!

18/11/05 11:26 AM  
Blogger cmeel said...

LoL! :D
Yah huh!! I actually forgot about my association with lizards when i wrote that. :D

Cicak :P

18/11/05 11:27 PM  
Blogger weeleng said...

i remember the incident of a lizard on the ceiling of our bedroom one night many years ago.. it kept me awake and i had to keep u awake. lizzies are scary creatures, more so on the floor. yulks!

21/11/05 6:11 PM  
Blogger cmeel said...

hahahaaa... oh che!

yah! i remember... i was in Std 3; and i stayed awake till 3am to feel scared with u. :p :D

ah, icky & yucky they may seem to be... but they're far less harmless than many humans. ;p

23/11/05 4:14 PM  

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