Sunday, November 06, 2005

AIRigami: Balloon art

At hi-tea today, there was BooBoo the clown shaping air using balloons! :)

BooBoo fostered good contacts with the kids as he created a balloon sculpture for each of them. His balloon art includes yellow dog, green dino, pink bear, blue sword, white rabbit, red flower, blue bike and yellow gun.

My family watched in fascination as BooBoo pulled out every balloon from his pocket and pumped&twisted each balloon with skill, creativity and speed! BooBoo actually realised that the ppl at my family's table were mesmerised by him... so he said "Wait ah, wait ah, I'll come later... after getting done with the kids." It's a bonus that BooBoo the clown actually dropped by at my family's table!! We thought he was joking. =)

Ivy got a pink bear; I got a yellow doggy; Xue got a blue Harley Davidson; mom got a flower; and dad got a white rabbit which he wanted so much! :p

Btw, BooBoo said some professionals like doctors, psychiatrists and lawyers actually join the clowning association to release stress and spread cheer to kids at orphanage or special events while they hide their professional identities.

Thanks BooBoo. Thanks for the lovely balloons, good thoughts & funny jokes. Thanks for making us (as how you put it: the not so young ppl or the experienced ppl) feeling like HaPpY KiDs again. ^_^


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