Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pleasant day @ Serdang

Yesterday: Near UPM.

Woke up thinking it was 11am but it was only 8.30am! Pleasant start of the day. :)
Plastic folding. :D
Simple breakfast. :)
Revision. :)
Nap. :p
Learned the simple steps to make & savour yummilicious home-made pancakes for lunch. =)
Revision. :)
Evening walk at UPM. =)
Sushi dinner. Kinda pricey :-/
Water taxi / lake cruise. :)
Movie: Exorcism of Emily Rose. Good watch! :)
Quick shopping @ Mines. :)
Stopover at fruits market. :)


Thanks to best company! ^_^


Blogger cmeel said...

Yesterday (22/11/05)-
Went to Bt Melawati / Kuala Selangor.

Walking up Bt Melawati is a joy. The view up at the hill is scenic & refreshing! Feeding monkeys at the hill is a pleasure. Xue, chasing monkeys for fun is a no-no! :p :)

Pantai Jeram is a relaxing place to be.

Journey to & fro's filled with breathtaking views. So much better than window shopping! :D

I had a good time relaxing, had a good night's sleep and am refreshed to get back to studies today. :D Thanks Xue! :)

23/11/05 6:30 PM  

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