Monday, December 05, 2005

Finding Anchorage in a Volatile Sea - Developing Peace & Purpose in Life

Attended the above seminar by Ven. Dr. G. yesterday.
Thus have I understood:-
  1. Purpose in Life: Peace & Happiness.
  2. Peace -- Comes from within; not from external sources. Needs to be cultivated.
  3. Peace -- Developed on individual basis. One cannot possibly cease ALL conflict in the world.
  4. Those who want conflict will find every possible reason to create conflict, while those who want peace will do every possible thing to promote peace.
  5. In a conflicting world, when need be, we must be ready to compromise, agree to disagree and respect others' opinion, ideas, etc.
  6. Listen rather than just hear; See rather than just look.
  7. Inner happiness = Neither pain nor pleasure; it's of equanimity and purity of the mind.
  8. Goodwill generates positive hormones which promote good health.
Thanks YW for informing me about the seminar & Maha Sadhu to Ven. Dr. G. & Nalanda for the wisdom shared with fellow participants. ^_^


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